Monday, May 18, 2015

Part two of the stuff my Husband does.

Lovely things he has made.


Talent People of Hamilton

Okay this is a bit shameless because the first person I want to talk about is my husband Sam.  He is a blacksmith by hobby.  We do re-enactment we are both Norse (Vikings).  He is a smith. I think he is wonderful.  First are the tools of the trade that he has made. 
This is his bellows stone a little dull by very important, this out this the bellow will catch on fire.  The stone also holds the tube for the bellows and allows a concentrated place for the air to flow. 

These three pictures are of his Forge.  The Viking used ground forges, not practical when we move around.  He based this design on the fire box in the Bayeux tapestry.  He use tree nails he has lined it with fire bricks to help maintain the wood and heat. The Vikings did not have fire bricks.  But this is a good compromise. In this forge he uses charcoal like the Viking did, not gas or coke. 

Cut this with a friend,

So all these tools pictured here are tools  that my husband made.  The only one that he had help with is the square anvil. He also did not make the bicker, that is the pointy thing it you are like me and need it explained to you.  He also made the nails that attached everything to the stump.  So now that he has a hammer and other tools he can begin to make iron wear. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I love Hamilton This

I really love my city! It is small enough to traverse easily but big enough to have diversity.  I love the potential, the creativity and the people.  I decided to write about what is good in my city, what I see as beautiful.  You may not agree and that is all right.  
This is main street early Morning on my way to work, what is there not to love here.  The air was cool and the sun rise stunning. 
This is a lovely detail on a building in my neighbourhood.  I love the brick work, the workman took such pride in what they did.  Amazing.
From Stoney Creek Mountain, the clear view and the stunning colours of the lake!!
Again details, forged with love, at the cemetery on York street.
This is 

Robin McKee, He does tours of the main Hamilton Cemetery on York Street.  He does not get paid for this, he does it because he loves Hamilton and it's history.  

New Business near my house they did a wonderful job of refurbishing an unused gas station.  Love the colours!
Spring trees just turning green.
Stunning Garden around the corner
Lovely iron work on the roof of a building on James Street North
Art Crawl is just getting started, only place to be!!
This morning in Ward Three, Hey that is my street!!