Sunday, November 20, 2011

November iron

I was walking home from a memorial for a friend. She was a kind and generous person and always had a smile for everyone she met. She was an artist in fibre. She wove, spun, knitted and made lovely teddy bears. On this walk I noticed the iron work that was around me. My husband is a blacksmith, so I asked him about the fences. These first two picture are forged fences. Probably a least 100 years old. The second picture looks simple, but it involves some pearce work. And is very well made.

The second two are cast fences. They are also lovely, but not formed in the same manner but maybe not as old as the first two fences. We see skill of artisans all around us everyday, even in the simplest of things.


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    1. Thank you sorry for taking so long to reply. I love my city and I want others to see the beauty I see.